Vanessa, Bemidji

I was a teacher until March of last year, almost nine years. I went into the profession because I wanted to make a difference and encourage the youth of this country to think independently. I loved teaching, but after a couple of years, I was convinced that the job was undo-able. The job of teaching … Continue reading Vanessa, Bemidji

Cindy, Minneapolis

I am an ESP in the northern suburbs. My story is not about me, but my daughters. They have been out of college for a year or two now. Because of the amount of student debt they have acquired,(40,000 and 50,000 respectively), it will be years before they can actually enjoy their salaries because so … Continue reading Cindy, Minneapolis

Susan, Saint Paul

I am a college professor, looking forward to retirement in less than a decade. I will be paying educational loans (about $200/month) until about the time I retire. I paid off college loans quickly (I graduated from college in 1980 with $17000 in loans) but now have graduate loans to repay. When I began work … Continue reading Susan, Saint Paul

Chelsie, Duluth

I come from a wonderful, loving blue collar family. I always “knew” that if I wanted a more financially stable life j would need an education. I received a BBA from UMD and my MBA from Walden. My student loan payments are close to $600/month. I’m drowning at a job that can barely pay this … Continue reading Chelsie, Duluth

Jackie, Lakeville

It’s pathetic. I’m a 44 year old middle-class wife and mother of two in suburban Twin Cities and I just paid off my student loans this year. I can only imagine what folks with less privilege and opportunity than I had are struggling with. Embarrassing America.

Janet, Minneapolis

Mine is paid off. I work with TRIO programs and we serve low income students who are trying to leave poverty through education. Student loan debt keeps people in poverty and also drives middle income people down. My daughter has over $100,000 debt (vet school) but is working in public service/teaching, and wildlife. Her salary … Continue reading Janet, Minneapolis