Angela, Isanti

I grew up believing the lie that having a college education would make you more financially successful. I am here to tell you it didn’t help me. Instead I owe around $78,000 for my undergraduate and graduate degrees. I made the mistake of following my passion for teaching and because of that, I will die … Continue reading Angela, Isanti

Russell, Plainview

When I got out of college, I consolidated all of my loans into one at the current interest rate as the loan counsellors recommended. Unfortunately, the interest rate was high then, over 7%. My friends who procrastinated, consolidated when the rates were lower. If I am about 1/2 way through my 30 year payment schedule. … Continue reading Russell, Plainview

Abbie, Saint Paul

I am a hard-working and money-conscious individual. I chose to go to a moderately-priced private school, but I worked hard to maintain scholarships and worked 3 jobs while in school, on top of other school activities and graduating top in my class. I proceed to attend Physician Assistant graduate school. I chose to go to … Continue reading Abbie, Saint Paul

Dina, Moorhead

I accumulated my student debt over the years. It was not my original plan not be able to pay it back. First, I went through a long and crazy ( year and half long) divorce. For which I had to withdraw from school because I was a commuter. Emotionally and financially it was hard that’s … Continue reading Dina, Moorhead

Refinancing: Tete

Refinancing my loan will allow me to live as a normal being, not to have this consistent fear of defaulting on my loan. It will also help pay back this loan as fast as I can. This will at least give me a breakĀ and I will be able to enjoy my kids and not having … Continue reading Refinancing: Tete

Claire, Wyoming

After living in the Middle East for 5 years, I returned to the U.S. with my three kids as a single parent with little money and no income. Quickly realizing that a dusty Political Science BA wouldn’t sufficiently support us, I embarked on a teaching career, enrolling in the most competitively priced Master’s Degree program … Continue reading Claire, Wyoming