Who We Are

Defeat Student Debt helps Minnesotans who want to stop getting by and start getting ahead by connecting people with student loan debt and empowering our community to demand action.

Defeat Student Debt’s student loan debt campaign involves state and national partners conducting research and developing solutions to the $1 trillion debt problem, as well as organizing a public education campaign about the full impact of the student loan debt crisis.

Why We Fight

Higher education is an integral part of the American dream, and here in Minnesota, we’re proud of our quality education system. Student loans should provide financial assistance so more students have the opportunity to pursue a college education, but student loan borrowers increasingly struggle with staggering amounts of student loan debt due to decreased state investment in our higher education system. More and more the costs of a college education are being pushed onto the backs of students and their families.

A lot of students are nervous about the thought of what comes tomorrow, with the collective weight of $1.2 trillion in student loan debt standing in the way of beginning their bright future. Sharing the stories of individual struggles with student loan debt will spark a conversation in Minnesota about real reform for students dealing with this student debt crisis.