Dina, Moorhead

I accumulated my student debt over the years. It was not my original plan not be able to pay it back. First, I went through a long and crazy ( year and half long) divorce. For which I had to withdraw from school because I was a commuter. Emotionally and financially it was hard that’s why I decided to withdraw.
Then I went back to school and had to work hard to support my depressed brother who wasn’t able to work for a whole year. It was not easy on me considering that fact I’m a single mom of two children. I ended up retaking some classes. Then I took care of my sick mother who passed away three years ago from horrible cancer. During her sickness I had to withdraw from school again, worked full time, took care of her and I returned back to complete my education after she passed away.
I’m currently taking care of my father who is not able to work due to his back injury. My current student loan debt is $ 18,664.21 and my total credit card debt is $13,661.44 .
I have to be honest… I’m struggling financially. My main goal is to get into graduate school and before that I really want to take care of my current student debt.
Not sure what my options are… other than work two jobs and pay it back.